How technology has changed the gaming industry in Spain

Technology has changed the way we live and relate to the world around us. For example, it is less and less common for us to make a phone call, but it is very common for us to learn about the lives of our friends and family through social networks. These changes in behaviour are also reflected in the industry. For example, they are largely responsible for the success of online casinos.

Let's give the keys that explain it.

How technology has influenced the relationship between online casinos and their usersIt

is clear that the websites of the main national and international gaming operators are becoming more visual, intuitive and easy to use. They even learn from the player himself to better meet his needs. In this sense, the application of artificial intelligence systems has been fundamental: these systems are capable of interpreting the use that the user makes of the casino website and, based on this, offer him/her alternatives with high probabilities of being liked. For example, if the player usually enters the online portal to enjoy a certain slot, this technology will propose him to try similar ones when he decides to change.

Currently, communication processes are quite automated. A user can write a question by email or through the chat platform enabled by the operator and, instantly, a 'bot' will offer a response. Only if that program is not able to give you the solution you need, you will have to contact the customer service by other means. As if that wasn't enough, security in online casinos has been increased to unimaginable extremes.

Their websites usually use SSL encryption protocols of up to 256 bits that encrypt all the user's sensitive data to make it invisible to third parties. Thus, making a balance deposit or withdrawal is a reliable and risk-free process.

Mobile devices, the last great challenge overcome by the online gaming industryToday

, almost all large online casinos have their own mobile app. And, if they do not, they offer web designs adapted to this type of device and which can be accessed from any web browser. However, this has not always been the case.

Until only a couple of years ago, the games catalogue was quite reduced, but now it is possible to enjoy much more complex games graphically. Even live online roulette platforms have been adapted to smartphones and tablets. These, because they required a high consumption of mobile data by the video signal, were not integrated into such applications. The better management of resources and the wider range of available tariffs have made it possible for them to be considered an indispensable service today.

Virtual reality, a new goal on the horizonVirtual

reality devices, popularly known as VR glasses, are gaining ground as they are capable of providing an experience that tricks the brain and makes the user feel as if he were somewhere else.

For this reason, many online casinos are turning their efforts to give their users the opportunity to have the same sensations as in a physical location without leaving home. However, in order to be able to put into practice all the resources that this technology enables, it is necessary to strengthen the efforts in artificial intelligence technology that automates as much as possible most of the processes. Probably, all these changes are closer to be produced than we imagine. And not only in the gaming sector in Spain.

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