How to program your own advertising campaign

Promoting a certain business or activity is a decisive factor in achieving success. There is no point in being the best by offering an excellent service if nobody knows about it. Advertising is the philosophical cornerstone of any business, without which it is impossible for anything to progress. That is why programming your advertising campaign when you decide to take the big step of becoming an entrepreneur is of vital importance and must be done properly.

The steps that must be taken into account in this decisive moment in which you must consider the way in which you are going to make yourself known are - Setting objectives. It is vitally important to set the objectives that you want to achieve with the advertising campaign that you are going to carry out in order to try to pursue them with all the weapons that you have. Normally, the aim is to achieve growth in the market, attract new clients, reach potential consumers, sell a good image, consolidate the brand, etc. In this sense there are four types of advertising that can be used:

  • Informative advertising, in which the market is simply made aware of new products or services.
  • Persuasive advertising, which involves creating a selective demand through which users are persuaded to our brand, due to the characteristics of the products offered.
  • Reminder advertising, which consists of reminding users of the products that can meet their needs.
  • Reinforcement advertising, which consists of making the client see that his choice was the right one, reaffirming his decision.
- Briefing.

Together with the advertising company in charge of promoting our business, a briefing should be prepared that reflects the different elements of the marketing plan. In this way, a definition of the product, its differentiation, the benefits it brings, etc. must be made. It must include a market study, study of the competition, etc.

- Make a base proposal. A proposal must be made that reflects the advantages and benefits of the product or service being offered and on which to build the advertising campaign in question. It is necessary that the advertising professionals elaborate a message capable of reaching the potential users in order to attract clients. The media in which the campaign will act must be evaluated, adapting the message to each one of them if necessary in order to reach the greatest number of people in each case.

The campaign in question must be carefully followed, in order to evaluate possible errors and propose improvements and solutions. It is very important to carry out an adequate control of the advertising campaign in order to adjust it if necessary, thus obtaining the best results.

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