Trading bicycles online - a challenge with potential

Earning money with bicycles is not that easy. Although there is a high demand, the market seems to be saturated. Not to mention the competition from large retail chains. A realistic chance exists especially for those who adapt to the changing times and try to build up their business online.

Although this eliminates the need for location analysis, there are still a few things to keep in mind. Because, as already mentioned, the bicycle market is highly competitive. So this is by no means a niche market. However, those who approach the matter with enthusiasm and do not shy away from comprehensive planning can establish themselves in this tough market.

In this case, attractive profit margins beckon. However, one should be aware that the bicycle trade is a seasonal business. The biggest sales are generated in the summer. In winter, on the other hand, bicycles don't sell nearly as well.

Sales opportunities for bicyclesOnce

a certain range of products has been established, you can start selling. But selling bicycles is no simple undertaking. After all, the two-wheelers first have to be sold. This is possible, for example, via advertising portals or sales platforms.

Ad portals are the cheaper option. The costs for placing advertisements are usually kept within reasonable limits. However, this option is really only interesting if small quantities and/or used bicycles are to be sold. If, on the other hand, you want to sell larger quantities, you should rather stick to a sales platform.

The catch here is that (sometimes high) fees are due to the operator. In return, however, you benefit from the visibility of the respective platform. An alternative to this is to set up your own online shop. In the meantime, this is no longer so difficult.

A cumbersome programming can be completely bypassed. Even creating your own website (e.g. via WordPress) is not necessary. The reason for this are e-commerce companies that allow you to set up your own online shop in an uncomplicated way.

Said online shop then also runs entirely through the respective provider, which completely eliminates tasks such as logistics. A possibility that can be interesting for beginners as well as professionals. But of course the whole thing is not completely free. In addition to commissions to the operator, monthly fees should be expected.

Despite this, it is a business model with a lot of potential.

Criteria for a successful bicycle tradeWho

would like to earn money online with bicycles, will have to present his products first of all properly. On the one hand, this requires good photos. The pictures should be taken in well-lit places and show the bicycles from different angles. On the other hand, meaningful texts should not be missing.

These should not only arouse the customer's interest in buying, but also contain all relevant information. Since the bicycles are sold via the Internet, it is also advisable to increase its visibility through search engine optimization. SEO measures are time-consuming and costly, but can be an efficient marketing measure if carried out correctly. It is also advisable to advertise.

This is possible, for example, with Google AdWords or ads on Facebook. In general, the aim is to present your offer to as many interested parties as possible. In any case, it is advisable to create a business plan before the foundation. Such a plan can serve as a basis for orientation and may even attract potential investors.

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